What do you think of Alphas rimming faggots? I never want to confuse mine that they’re in my presence for anything other than my satisfaction, but in my experience, rimming activates you faggots. It’s like putting you in overdrive. It lets you know a real Man is about to use you the way you’re designed for and you should get ready to do your job. It amuses me to make my faggots squirm and then feel how much more excited and energetic they are when I pound them. It’s an expression of my Manhood to prepare their holes, but an Alpha buddy thinks it’s a waste that teaches faggots the wrong lesson. And I have had a faggot beg me to stop because it said it felt like I was serving it instead of the right way round. I belted its ass and gagged it after so it could learn how little its opinion mattered, but I’m curious what you’d say.
Also, explain to me your view of the fucking chastity cages. They look stupid. Plus, watching my fags throb while they drink my seed, knowing they can’t do shit about it without my permission–that’s domination. A cage is like some baby’s ugly playtoy that admits weakness. My faggots don’t play with their dicks because I command them not to. And if they don’t know better than to disobey, they find out fast. That’s the only cock cage an Alpha should need. So why the fuck are so many Alphas admitting weakness with cutesy little garbage? Not that it should matter, but does it make you faggots feel great or something?
Last, what do you make of faggots who resist serving packs? How common is it? I had to dismiss one of my favorite fags because it performed poorly when I brought a buddy. The faggot said it was concerned about health because it didn’t know this guy, so it would only suck him off. After I smacked it for backtalk and had it on its knees, I told it all that matters is that I know my buddy. Once I was plowing the faggot, my friend and I traded off while I held it down, and afterward the faggot freaked out. I told it that it was useless to me if it didn’t know its purpose. In every other way it was one of my most obedient fags, and I sent it home with its hair full of cum, but I got zero patience for a fag with no gratitude when I’m offering it even more Manhood to service. What’s your perspective?
I don’t keep faggots for their opinions, so this site’s been useful. Hoping you have some answers worth reading. Alpha Taye

Master, what an epic set of questions!!! I could write for days on any one of these subjects, but I will try to be concise. 
Personally, I think rimming a faggot is unnecessary. A faggot should be ready to be pounded at a moment’s notice anyway, so rimming it as a way to “prepare it” is generally pointless. I know I have always felt embarrassed when Alpha have rimmed me; I just feel like I don’t deserve such treatment, I guess? So I suppose I lean toward agreeing with your Alpha brother, HOWEVER: some Alphas (particularly black Alphas) LOVE to eat ass. So why would we have a law stating that an Alpha can’t do something he loves because a faggot doesn’t feel comfortable with it? That’s why I’ve never asked an Alpha to stop doing it, because I know he’s doing it for HIS PLEASURE rather than mine. That’s really all that matters, Master.
BONUS: While on the subject of rimming, I want to reiterate once again that Alphas should be having their faggots lick their ass. If there is a law on rimming, this should be it. Any Man who has a faggot lick his ass comes away from the experience totally empowered. It never fails.
Okay, back to the questions. You mentioned chastity cages, Master. Yes, I can understand what you’re saying about them as a distracting or useless accessory. For a very long time I dismissed them as some silly fetish thing. But now that I’ve been in chastity for 1.5 years, I can say that the effect on the faggot mind is profound in ways that you, as an Alpha, may not appreciate. Chastity is not about simply preventing a faggot from masturbating. It’s a constant reminder of the faggot’s lower status, a constant reminder of its unworthiness to use its penis like other Men. Chastity is a sacrifice a faggot makes in acknowledgment of true Manhood. Chastity goes beyond masturbation or even your ownership of the faggot, and strikes at the very heart of the faggot itself. I don’t know if I am making this clear enough, but I hope you understand what I mean, Master.
Now to your question about serving Alpha Packs. I’m disappointed that your dismissed faggot failed to demonstrate loyalty and trust in your judgement. An owned faggot should understand that its Master is not going to put his property in danger. After all, the Master will be wanting to use his faggot again himself, right? The fact that this faggot failed to appreciate that simple logic and demonstrate appropriate obedience is frustrating, and I’m sorry you had to deal with that, Master. Hopefully your Alpha buddy was still pleased. 
I guess it’s time to add this reminder for all of the faggots reading this: you exist to serve and obey your Alpha Masters. When you don’t, you frustrate and anger your Master and dismissal is a real possibility. Fulfill your purpose and be obedient in all things. Your Master is responsible for you and will guide you correctly. Just obey.
Master, I hope these answers please you. It’s always wonderful to speak with outstanding and focused Alpha Masters like you! It’s no wonder that you seem to have so many faggots eager to serve you! Thank you for allowing me to serve, Master! 

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