hiya, I’m a fag, I was wondering if you or any of the many1 alphas and fags who read this site had any tips on getting completely smooth in the crotch/ass for an alpha, or when preparing to go into chastity I currently have 2 (fairly unsuccessful) methods:  1 – using a phillips electric razor, it does a good job but I always end up with prickly stubble patches that I can’t get rid of, and I’d hate to be poking an alpha with that stubble as he’s fucking me, I don’t mind that stubble as much for leg and arm hair, but I’d really prefer to be totally smooth 2 – using a disposable razor (gillette or harrys or similar), this gets great results for getting rid of hair, however if I was to use a fresh new razor every day that’d be pretty expensive, and the bigger problem: whenever I shave my crotch (excluding ’balls’) or ass or legs with a razor, my skin comes out with a rash about 2-10hours after shaving, so if I’m seeing an alpha (or alphas) 2 days in a row or for a longer session, the rash will develop leaving me red, bumpy and generally not pleasing to look at. I have tried all sorts of products (vitamin E oil, several moisturizers and post shave balms, and baby powder – this had the best (but still not great) result) but they don’t seem to do much for me in preventing the rash.  any tips would be greatly appreciated!

It’s a common problem, brother. There are two answers. One is to use chemical depilitator creams like Nair (there are some designed specifically for the genitals) to remove the hair completely by essentially melting the hair. Or, of course, there’s good old fashioned wax. I’ve done both, and for me waxing is better. It’s not costly to have it done professionally, and it lasts a long time. 
If you use a cream hair removal, make sure you do a skin test. There is a chance of burning or rashes from using these products.