Hi, I am at a fag at a pretty young age who has been found by an alpha male who lives pretty far away. I am still at an age where I am planning life and am struggling a bit with giving the alpha who owns me full control. We have made a list of rules that I must follow in my everyday life, and I’d be happy to share it, but with work and summer plans I am having a tough time adhering to it. The distance does not help either. Got any advice?

Congratulations on finding an Alpha who is willing to train you despite the great distance! 
I’m just going to be honest, here – online training largely sucks. Obviously intensive training of a faggot requires a lot of hands-on time and observation that is simply not possible online. Then add in your youth and inexperience, and you’re setting yourself up for a frustrating, incomplete experience. 
Rather than focus on submitting to online Alphas, I recommend that you instead focus your energy on learning and meditating about your faghood and what it means to you. Also, do what you can personally to work on your cocksucking abilities.
Since you’re young, you’re likely in school and surrounded by young Alphas. I would make some attempts to submit to them over the coming year. This will help build up strength to submit, and might very well lead to actual service opportunities which will really train you much better than an online Alpha ever could.