Any recommendation on finding a submissive faggot.
I moved to a new town and no luck yet
I’m sure there are websites that I might find what I want.
I had a faggot in my old town but since I moved, he has made assumptions about our relationship.
That is wrong to me, he is to do as told, not assume things

Thank you for writing to me, Sir!
Yes, your former faggot is quite wrong to make those kinds of assumptions, especially considering the time you’ve spent owning it and the reason you’ve given it for the move. It sounds like the faggot has some insecurities. 
Finding new faggots shouldn’t be that hard for a Man like you who has already owned faggots because you know some of what to look for. I guarantee you there are faggots in your new town, Sir. You didn’t mention how you met your previous faggot, but if possible I would try that again. There are sites like Grindr or Fetlife, of course, but there’s nothing better for an Alpha than hunting and catching a faggot in the wild. 
Just keep your eyes open. When you find a suspected faggot, stare at it and rub your crotch. You’ll know it when you see it. 

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