Sam   What are your thought on an Alpha disciplining his faggot?

I’m 100% in favor of it. Let me just say that I’m not advocating out-of-control beatings full of rage and violence. However, I can certainly attest that some faggots can be extremely problematic. They can become disobedient, jealous, cruel, disobedient, vindictive, stupid, and disobedient. 
Yes, I know I put “disobedient” in there three times. That’s because the biggest problem faggots have is disobedience. Why would anyone come all the way to the point of kneeling before a Man and becoming his faggot, and then decide to disobey? It’s beyond inexplicable, and might indicate mental problems.
Whatever the reason, a Man should definitely administer discipline his faggot(s). It must be done carefully and with some amount of planning, because some forms of discipline (like spanking/whipping) can actually be a turn-on for a faggot. A Man needs to find pain points for the faggot (like maybe cum denial, for example) and utilize that to correct bad behavior. And this discipline can/should go all the way up to dismissal if necessary. The faggot needs to understand that it is a dime a dozen and can be replaced instantly. 
So yes, faggots absolutely need discipline. Believe me, even as a faggot I’d love to be able to administer discipline on some of the faggots I deal with on this site and across social media. So Alphas, please feel free to hurt these errant faggots and correct them all you want!

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