Hey Sam! Love the blog. I’ve accepted my place in the hierarchy as a faggot. And I love it! I’ve now been locked in chastity for over 40 days.  But I’ve always had trouble attracting alphas. Last week I met an alpha for sex and he was amazing. Serving him as a fuck toy felt so natural and good. He took my number and saved it as (three pig snouts) so he could contact me again when he needed to empty his balls. Since that day I’ve reached out two times suggesting we get together again soon but have been met with silence. What should I do?

Here’s the trick with Alphas – they don’t want faggots hounding them or bothering them. The key is to lay back and let them pursue you when they want/need you. They have a powerful hunting instinct, and they want prey that they can pounce on, not lying in a field begging to be eaten. Don’t make it so easy or make them feel like you’re desperate.

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