I have been orally servicing a straight alpha man for three months.  While I offer to do whatever he wants, he only wants head whenever I see him.  I also have let him know that he can be as aggressive and rough as he wants but he doesn’t ever become much more aggressive. I also want to be his urinal but I am afraid that if I bring it up, it might scare him off. How do I get him to treat me more like a faggot and take his piss?  Or, do I stop trying to push him?

First of all, keep in mind that this isn’t about you. Your wants and desires are not as important as those of your Alpha. You exist in his life to satisfy HIS wants and needs.
As far as the topics you mention, it’s important to keep in mind that not all Alphas are the same. Not all Alphas are overly aggressive sexual dynamos like we see in porn. It may be that your Alpha simply doesn’t have much interest in being more aggressive. Regardless, you’ve made it clear that you’re open to that and he hasn’t responded in any meaningful way, so I would drop that.
As far as piss, you might approach him by asking if piss play interests him (“Sir, have you ever wanted to piss on me?”). Find out if the interest even exists. Watch his reaction, and accept it for what it is, Don’t argue the issue or push it. Let him consider it for himself and react naturally.
We faggots often want to change our Alphas to suit our own particular fetishes, but that’s not how it works. Alphas will always do what they want to do, and they definitely don’t want faggots bothering them about things that don’t interest them. Always keep that in mind.

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