Hi Sam, I love your blog. I have a question, have you known of any fag trying hormones? It’s been a thought in my mind, not that any Alpha has asked me to take hormones, but I’ve dealing with the thought of would I do it if I was asked to? Now I know it’s not an extreme request, but do you happen to know what would be then? Like smoother skin, wider hips, shrunk and dysfunctional dick?

I don’t know a ton about hormone therapy, although I do know a faggot who has started female hormones in preparation for gender reassignment. I do believe males who take female hormones get enlarged breasts, and there might be some widening of the hips (due to fat redistribution) as well. And yes, I believe the penis shrinks during this therapy as well. 
I just want you to keep this in mind: you do this FOR YOU, not an Alpha. This is a personal decision about your health physically and mentally/emotionally, and YOU make those decisions. Don’t ever do it because an Alpha tells you to.

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