Hi Sam. My Alpha and I are going to do a real time meet soon. We have primarily done FinDom, but do communicate outside of social media regularly.  Do you have any advice for the sub? I don’t want to fuck this up, and I know I’ll be nervous—but serving him in real life is something I’ve aspired to do, and now that it’s almost here, I just would love any advice you can offer. 

Congratulations, brother! I’m proud of you! What you are doing is next-level faggotry! Anybody can be a cashfag – it only requires money and an internet connection. But truly submitting and serving an Alpha in real-time is where true submission happens for a faggot.  

When you first meet him, kneel and kiss his feet. This will defuse tension and trigger the Alpha’s desire to dominate you. From there, become his whore. Whatever he demands you give him with all of the enthusiasm you can muster. Don’t be shy about your desire to serve, but also be very obedient. Thank him with ”Thank you, Sir” always and often. Be grateful.   

In terms of how to prepare physically, I would make sure your hole is perfectly clean – no hair anywhere, totally cleaned out inside, smelling fresh. Wear the skimpiest underwear you have (jockstraps are best) you have. Make yourself as cute/slutty as you can. He might have some instructions for you in this area, which I would follow to the letter.  

You are in for the real life of a faggot. It’s a most exciting moment. I think you’re going to do great!

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