Hey fag sam, i’ve been with my Alpha for several months now. He\’s had me caged since the second time we met. The thing is that i kinda have a big dick. It\’s about 7in long. i always make sure keep it out of the way for Him, though. Recently, He told me that He wanted to try power bottoming me or having me fuck Him — but without letting me cum. i\’ve always thought of myself as 100% bottom and i\’m really unsure how to feel about this. 

Ewwww … gross.   

I always question any Alpha who suddenly wants to be fucked by their faggot. It’s one thing if the Alpha seeks out a more powerful Alpha get fuck him, but to look to a faggot for a fuck is a little disconcerting.  

I share your discomfort, brother. In fact, this would be a line for me. I have no interest in fucking anyone. It’s a pointless exercise that would be a waste of time and an embarrassment for everyone involved. I might even go so far as to suggest that the Alpha go find someone else, because I’m not the right faggot for that Man.   

I’m not suggesting that is what you should do. I’m just giving you a yardstick by which to judge your own response. Just don’t be bullied into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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