Hi Sam,
 I’m a fellow proud fag, and was wondering if you yourself or any other fags you know have fantasized about having an actual vagina. As a fag, I don’t like my dick being touched, and most of the time I’m in chastity, but every now and then I have these thoughts about wanting a vagina. I know I already have a pussy, but I feel like a vagina would be able to increase the pleasure an alpha could have, while giving him more then just my mouth and pussy. 
 I know this is probably just me being overly horny sometimes, but I’ve thought about on more than a couple of occasions. The logistics are what really throw me out of the fantasy, like having to get surgery, how it might turn a lot of prospective guys/alphas off, and the fact that I might regret it. I probably would never go through with it, but I just wanted to kind of say it out loud in a safe space, and see if there was anyone else who had these fantasies. Thanks!

Brother, I think there are a lot of faggots who have considered what it might be like to have a pussy installed in their bodies, and be rid of their useless male parts altogether. I’ve wondered about it myself, although it’s never been anything important to me. 
There are, of course, actual transgender people for whom this surgery is a must for their own sanity and sense of self. 
And that’s the real issue – what you’re describing involves serious psychological testing and planning. Getting this surgery isn’t like having a mole removed or changing your hair color, and it shouldn’t be tossed around like it is, either. It’s a very real and very serious procedure with life-long consequences.
I’m sure you are not transgender. Neither am I. We might consider what it might be like, but we shouldn’t waste much time on the topic. 

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