I’m average looking and sometimes I see insanely gorgeous guys in coffeeshops and the like and I just daydream about sucking them off but I would never even dare walk in their direction because they’re just tooooooo hot!!! I feel like they would be insulted if I offered a quick bj!! They deserve better, much better!!

Don’t feel that way, brother! If you are humble and brave, incredible things can happen!

Let me tell you about looks – I used to know a faggot cocksucker who was probably one of the least attractive males I’ve ever seen: Fat, hairy, lazy eye, fucked-up toes. He was also borderline psychotic.

But here’s the truth – that faggot was one of the most successful cocksuckers I’ve ever known. What was the key to his success? He was unafraid to stroll up to a straight Man and directly offer a no-strings-attached blowjob. It was magnificent to see.

A straight Man isn’t actively looking for hot guys to blow them. But they do like talented cocksuckers. Be that talented cocksucker, and stop allowing your insecurities from preventing your fulfillment.