I really want to have a family someday and I dream of meeting a man who will let me love him and take his cock like I’m his woman. I want a monogamous marriage and I want to raise two kids with him in a safe and loving household. I will work and take care of all of us. I just haven’t met anyone who even wants to date me. I just seem to get played and used. Is my hope of having a family just a pipe dream?

Hi brother, yes love is definitely possible. This site has seen multiple love affairs and marriages result from Alphas and faggots uniting and loving each other. Mind you, these faggots still largely function as faggots within the relationships … but there is also love. 
But if you really want love, I wouldn’t try to find a SERVICE relationship with an Alpha. Simply be deeply submissive to whomever you’re dating and express your service that way. I’m sure your prospective husband will appreciate you even more.

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