Hey there, I often go to public swimming pools, but how to behave there as a faggot? I know I mustn’t hide my dicklet, therefore I use the common locker room and shower naked. What can I do to extend the period of being naked? What underwear should I wear? May I stare at other’s dicks? What can I do to show them I’m horny and willing to serve them?

Public swimming pools can be another great place to find Alphas. There is something about the water, the relaxation, and the skimpy clothing that puts people in the mood for fucking.

As far as advertising yourself as an available faggot, you could do a number of  things that wouldn’t even involve starting a conversation. Make solid eye contact and smile. You could wear a chastity cage on your dicklet, making it crystal clear to everyone that you are a sub male. If you feel comfortable enough, you could wear a thong or jock strap underneath your suit and parade around the locker room in it. 

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