Hi Sam,
I’m Michael the faggot who was forced to suck his alpha friend. I ended up taking your advice and I asked my alpha friend to use me as his faggot. He said “I knew you were a fag” and then proceed to make me suck him off again. The next day he had me come to his house as clean his room while he went for a hike. When he got home he told me to clean his boots and if I did a good job I would get a special reward. I did what he asked and I was given my reward, a chance for anal sex. I am now waiting for my alpha’s decision on whether or not I deserve his cock in my pussy. I am wondering if I should try and service him or not. I am 15 and so is he, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to loose my virginity. Should I try to loose it with him? If so what should I do to prepare? I hope you can answer this as I wait for my alphas verdict.

This is a follow-up to THIS QUESTION.

Michael, I am very proud of you! Congratulations on making this brave move! I knew it would work! This young Alpha clearly knows what he’s doing already (at just 15!), so you are very lucky to have this as your first experience!

I think you should give up your virginity to him. Here’s why: you’re a faggot, so your virginity is meaningless. The only thing that really counts is your service to Men. In this case, you basically have a dream opportunity right in front of you. If you pass it up, the decision will haunt you forever, trust me. You only have one chance at life, so make the most of every chance! GO FOR IT!!

You need to try to get to a store if you can and get an enema (Fleet enema will work) and clean yourself out as well as you can. Make sure you wash and get yourself as clean as possible. Then just remember to relax. It’ll be okay!