Faggot here. I have a problem taking cocks longer than about 7.5 inches in my cunt. It’s really painful. Not good pain. I don’t jerk off but I do masturbate with a dildo. I’m not too tight. Just too shallow for some larger men. Is there anything I can do about this? It’s a real problem with larger guys that get off when a faggot is in pain and won’t slow down.

A faggot cannot have a “shallow cunt” unless there is a massive blockage (like a large tumor) in the colon or a physical deformity. The colon is a long, muscular tube that can, under normal circumstances, accommodate very large and long objects. 
What I suspect is happening is your second ring is probably clamped shut and not allowing the passage of cocks into the deeper part of the colon. Since the second ring is an involuntary muscle, it cannot be directly controlled by you. Therefore I want you to try two things: develop the ability to relax via meditation, and if that doesn’t improve the situation, try using poppers to relax the muscle. I HATE poppers (which is why I never recommend them here), but I’m prescribing them in this case as an experiment to see if we can relax that second ring. 
If it doesn’t improve, I recommend a medical exam to make sure everything is physically okay. 

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