Hey Sam, Andy the faggot here. I’m in college now and there’s a friend of mine that is a total alpha, all the girls fall for him and he ALWAYS gets what he wants in every aspect of life. Instinctively, I’ve always been severely attracted to him and I’m always looking for ways to serve him. He always makes me do this homework, without caring if I have any assignments or tests, which is what turns me on so hard, and I even have taken tests for him. He absolutely knows I’m a fag and takes advantage of it, he always catches me staring at him and smirks or winks at me. The thing is, he hasn’t asked me to do anything else beyond this little tasks, and I don’t know if the right thing to do is for me to approach him directly, or to keep waiting for him to make a move.
Thanks in advance, Andy the fag.

Thanks for writing, Andy. 
No, you do not wait for him to make the first move. First of all, start calling him “Sir” and thank him for allowing you to serve him when you do homework for him. Look for moments when you can offer a foot massage. 
And of course, there’s the direct approach. Look, he probably already knows you’re a faggot (or strongly suspects it) and still keeps you around, even playing along. With a humble and confessional demeanor ask him if it would be okay if you admit something to him. Then, with downturned eyes and head bowed thank him for using you, that it means so much to make him happy, and that’s because you are a faggot. That serving him gives you purpose. That you would like to be able to serve him in whatever ways he needs. DOING THIS WHILE KNEELING IS EVEN BETTER.  
Try it. I bet you’ll be surprised what such an open-hearted confession and offer does to a truly dominant Alpha.

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