Hi Sam,
It’s Michael, I would like to thank you for your advice for the past week or two it has really helped me break out of my shell and become the faggot I am. I followed you advice from the last question I asked and I got the text from my alpha telling me to come over to his house. Before I went I prepared. I shaved bare, cleaned myself and put on a fresh pair of panties, I was ready. I went to my alpha’s house and he told me it was time to do it and I was receiving my reward. I thanked him and got to work. I was nervous and a little scared but it was a great experience overall. My alpha was very dominant and I loved the feeling of his body on mine. I should be happy, but I have any issue, I don’t know how I should thank him. He has been the best thing in my life and he has done so much for me I don’t know how to pay him back. So what do you think Sam? How should I repay my alpha for gifting me with his dick?

This is a follow-up to two previous asks HERE and HERE.

Oh my goodness! Congratulations, little brother!! See? I told you it would be good! 
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your attitude of gratitude and the desire to properly thank him for taking your virginity! It’s the EXACT RIGHT perspective for any successful faggot! When you see him next time, bow your head (kneel if possible) and say something like “Sir, I wanted to thank you for using (use breeding if he came in you) me. I am always grateful for any opportunity to serve you. Is there anything I can do for you?”
In addition, you can be coming up with things you might think he’d like or needs and then buy them as gifts. Financial domination in this way turn Men on almost as much as sexual domination. Maybe there’s a shirt you think he might like, or a pair of shoes he’d love to have, or whatever. It could be something smaller, too; if he loves to drink Red Bull in the morning, or he’s working out and uses supplements, you can buy him those types of things as well. 
However, I think for now you’re going to be mostly useful to him as his faggot hole to fuck when he wants (I’m sure that breaks your heart! LOL). Being thankful in the way I described above will turn him on for sure. 
I’m very proud of you, little brother! Be brave and be submissive!

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