Hi Sam, Your recent post about covering made me realize, that’s what my alpha does to me. Whenever he fucks me he tells me to keep my underwear on because it’s “hotter.” So maybe it’s a coincidence but I’m not sure. Because when I even try to reach in to play with my “clit” as he calls it, he pulls my hand away and slaps me.
Which I mean, makes it all hotter so sometimes I do it just so he’ll smack me and he seems to get enjoyment out of it too. He has also made me wear wigs and calls me by his girlfriend’s name sometimes. Which is also odd! She knows about us and has no problem with it, but that part I don’t understand why he uses her name when he’s fucking me.
Any insight?

Yes, you covering your clit helps to maintain the illusion that you’re not male. And, as a straight Alpha, he wants to keep up that illusion by calling you by her name. It’s all mind games.

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