Hi all, I’m Danny Rotz from Shippensburg and this is a bunch of questions in one, sorry, hope that’s okay. So first, I love doing ass to mouth on daddy’s big black cock after he cums in my boipussy, but is that safe? I also really love being fucked in both of my sissy fuck holes at the same time and daddy is okay with me riding one of my favorite dildos while he is fucking my face and he will switch back and forth between my ass and my mouth several times during a session and I will suck his cock and when he switches, I suck my dildo while he fucks my boipussy and so on until he finished deep in one of my two sissy fuck holes, I prefer him to finish in my boipoussy to make sure I get every drop of his superior seed deep inside of me, and then suck his big black cock completely dry just because it tastes so amazing, but he never brings any of his friends over and I really need their black cocks in me too. And so that brings on the next question, he knows how much I love being fucked hard in both holes at the same time, so how do I get him to bring his friends so I can serve their cocks too? And finally, I’m not sure if I’m a sissy or a faggot, I usually consider myself to be a sissy faggot cumdump, so is there a difference? And please any advice on how to get daddy to bring his friends around to fuck me would be great.

Wow, this is a pretty epic series of questions! First of all, I’ve been schooled on ass play and I suppose I’ll tell you that it is generally safe to go ass-to-mouth. Of course, it sounds like you’ve already been doing that without ill effects, so just listen to your own body, I guess. 
As far as getting your Alpha to bring his Alpha buddies over to fuck you, I think you need to remember that you don’t serve this Man for your needs, but to please HIM. There are many Alphas (especially black Alphas) who don’t like sharing their faggots (or females) with other Men. Your Alpha might be like that. By insisting that he bring his friends over to breed you, you’re risking his anger and disappointment. 
I think you need to be careful here. I would submissively ask him if sharing you with his Alpha brothers is something he’s ever considered. Push it on him to make that decision and make it seem like it’s HIS idea rather than yours.  

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