Hey sam. I’m a 15 yo fag and I can’t keep living this lie anymore. I need an alpha to own me and use me. I need to worship and serve real men. The problem is: I don”t know how to/can’t find an alpha around my age. Please tell me what I have to do.

Little brother, I definitely understand how you feel! First of all, don’t rush things! You’re very young, and you have your entire life ahead of you to learn and discover and find fulfillment!

Having said that, there is no better place for a faggot to find Alphas than those faggots who are still in high school. There are plenty of Alphas in high school, all of whom are looking for any kind of pleasure or worship.

During this upcoming school year, find some Alphas in your class. Jocks, sports guys, etc. Find ways to offer services of some kind. Be complimentary. Try to use the word “Sir” when addressing them. Be submissive. Alphas will notice and start to inquire about you. Be honest with them, be fearless. Be matter-of-fact. Be what you were born to be.

Alphas will either make fun of you or, more likely, use you. Be ready. Good luck, and keep me informed, little brother!

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