I just started as a high school teacher. Let me preface, I’m a small dicked fag in his late twenties who only recently learned I was a fag. Anyway, in know that most of my male students are probably bigger than me, even though they’re 10-15 years younger than me. How do I show deference to these real men? Obviously I would never do anything sexual with them. 

Faggot teachers have a tough line to walk for sure. The struggle to serve these young Alphas while also trying to remain a respected authority figure in their lives would be awful. It’s one of the reasons why I ruled out a move toward a teaching degree in college (I’m only a couple of classes away from one even now). 
I think you can just call them “Sir” and be deferential to them without losing control of your classroom. Young Alphas who sense weak males in positions of authority are quick to test and abuse that authority. But it’s going to be tricky, brother. 

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