I am an older faggot who has only had limited opportunities to live out my faggotry IRL – usually brief episodes at bath houses or adult video stores. I find that so much of the humiliation I crave is tied to having women (preferably younger women) see me servicing men. In one particular incident, I was kneeling at the end of the bar sucking an Alpha at a grey club frequented by a lot of young college aged women. (Apparently young college aged women like dancing at gay clubs because they don’t get sexually harassed.) In any event, several dozen young women, over the course of the evening, saw the Alpha using my mouth to edge himself. When he finally chose to cum (partly in my mouth but mostly on my face) he had me sit at the bar with him with cum dripping off and drying on my face. He clearly knew several of the young women, and introduced me to several as “his faggot for the evening.” I don’t know why I crave the presence and witness of young women to complete my submission, but it just isn’t the same without it. Are you aware of other faggots like me?

That’s a hot experience, brother! Congratulations!
I have honestly never heard of a faggot who liked or needed females to watch it be used by Men. It’s new to me for sure. I know I’ve never wanted anything like that. But hey, we all have our thing! 
Anyway, I’m really happy you’re getting chances like that to serve! Keep it up!

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