Hi Sam. First of all, I’m addicted to your site, congratulations! My name is Henrique, I have 33 years. I’m a faggot, I do ballet classes to keep a small and slim body for my Master. I like my Masters older and bigger than me. He is 34 and is taller than me, what pleases me. I have a very small clit and he has a VERY HUGE DICK, what pleases me so much. But I would love that my Master would have more body mass. Since He would not be athletic, It would please me If He could gain more fat and become a Bear in all His body. But he just increases belly, and most of body like arms and legs don’t grow up in mass, like a snake that ate a watermelon. Any idea? And mainly, any idea to make it looks like it would be His idea? Thanks a lot.

Brother, first of all I commend you for doing things like taking ballet classes in order to keep your body fit for your Master! That’s devotion and commitment right there!
As far as your Master, it shouldn’t matter what YOU want him to do or be. You’re his faggot. You serve him. He shouldn’t need to hit the gym or sculpt his body to suit your needs, right? You should be grateful to be owned by a good Alpha with a big dick and the desire to own you! Stop trying to make him serve your needs.

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