Hi Sam,
It’s Michael, things have been going great for me and my alpha. My alpha has been using me many times and I have been serving him even more. I have started to learn more about alphas from mine and I have started to notice more alphas around me. How should I service them while staying loyal to my alpha? Should I not serve them or ask for my alphas permission? I hope this can help me further my faghood and make me better for my master and maybe others. Thank you.

This is an ongoing thread featuring a young cocksucker named Michael. I’ve now compiled them into a chronological thread that you can read by CLICKING HERE.

Brother, I’m really glad you’re being used well by this Alpha. He seems like an amazing young Man, and you seem to be in the perfect situation.
That’s why I’m confused about what makes you want to risk that by asking for more dicks to suck. I don’t know this Alpha, but most of them don’t like their faggots running around sucking other Men. They prefer when it is THEIR idea, not yours. 

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