I don’t want to say my age so u don’t get in trouble. My sister has a ‘boyfriend’ whose dick I suck sometimes before she gets home. He knows that I listen to him fuck her too. She wants to break up with him because all he wants to do is fuck. Im stupid telling her that he’s really a good guy and she should give him more chances. I feel like an asshole. Im a total bitch for guys like him. I want to keep him coming here as long as possible.

Good boy! You’re following your natural instinct and serving a straight Alpha in need! Your sister is clearly not giving him what he wants or needs, but you are! 
I wouldn’t worry about losing him if she breaks up with him. Alphas love to have on-call cocksuckers. He’s not going to get rid of you just because she’s frigid. He clearly loves what you’re doing for him! Don’t worry about anything other than making him feel like a King! It’ll work out alright!

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