Hi all, I’m Danny Rotz from Shippensburg and I’m a gaping sissy faggot fuck hole, well actually just a sissy faggot fuck hole , but I want to be the gaping part as well and daddy wants it too, he loves to see me gape after he fucks me, but would love to see me be able to gape wide open before he fucks me. I practice hard and often, daily, for hours and sleep with a pretty girthy butt plug in most nights, the jock mega plug, which I have reviewed on extreme restraints website but still, no gape. I want my hole to gape wide open when I bend over for daddy and his fat black cock, but it doesn’t, no matter how hard or long I practice it never does, it always closes up tight, at least until he starts to fuck me and pulls his cock out, then I gape for maybe two second and it snaps right back shut even when I totally relax. I don’t know if gaping is even realistic or just something from porn, is there anything I’m doing wrong or anything else I can do to make my sissy faggot fuck hole gape wide open for daddy?

Well, if you really want to gape then you’ll probably need to get one of those extreme dildos that are thicker near the base. They are designed to really open your hole and stretch it. But I would just warn you that once you do a certain amount of damage to your hole, it may not return to normal anymore (take a look at holes that have been excessively fisted) and guys may not want to fuck it anymore. Men like tight holes. If your Alpha isn’t complaining about it, I wouldn’t press the issue.

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