i’m a 40 y/o faggot who has been a cash fag for over 10 years now. i’ve struggled a lot with addiction to being abused and degraded by online ”Masters” who exploit me for cash. This caused me to be ~70k in credit card debt from cash r*pes almost every weekend for years. In May 2020 I met a straight alpha Master online who convinced me to open my finances up to him so he could help me get out of the hole i was in while also fulfilling my desire to serve a superior alpha Man. I’ve now served him for over a year, my credit card debt is paid off, and my life is much better for it. Over the past year i have also paid off his student loans and purchased him many things as a way to serve him and fulfil my purpose as a faggot to make a straight alpha Man’s life easier. I have now spent almost 90k on him.  One of the lines my Master has drawn is that he has no sexual interest in me and also no interest in letting me see pictures of his body to feed my sexual desire. He knows that i am a faggot and have those cravings, but he also wants me to get my arousal from being his cash faggot and not from thinking of him in a sexual way. He knows i still think about Men’s cocks and asses, but he says i should look at porn to get that need filled.  My question is: can a faggot find purpose in non-sexual service alone to an alpha Man? If that’s the arrangement, is it okay for the faggot to seek out porn to get its sexual cravings met, or should it learn to accept life as a non-sexual slave?  I do want to clarify that by sexual i mean cock and ass. i do get aroused when i tribute my Master and he let’s me know i’m a good faggot for making his life better. i guess i’m just not sure if that’s enough long-term?

First of all, you are very fortunate to have met such a good cash Master! He has effectively turned your life around while also using you to enrich himself! That is a rare Alpha to find! Please commend him for me!
So I’m guessing you are not local with this Alpha, and that this is happening entirely online. If he is local, then I would think you could serve domestically. But if you’re not local, then it’s clear the only fulfillment you’re going to receive from him is serving as his cash fag. Whether that can be enough is entirely up to you. I don’t see why you can’t go out an satisfy your sexual cravings with other local Alphas. After all, you’re only 40 years old. I’m sure your cash Master doesn’t care what you do as long as you continue to serve him. 

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