Sam – I love your site. It gets me so excited and it feels great to know I’m  not alone in my feelings and that there’s other faggots like me out there! And I love reading it with all the tips and ideas etc
Due to some unavoidable and unchangeable lifestyle things, I have no regular Alpha I serve. Of course I’m always looking and occasionally find a hot alpha but.. I live in a rural and conservative area so, it’s rare.
When I’m serving it’s all about Him, obviously. I have 0 interest in my penis or in cumming. But when I’m between alphas and when I’m serving.. I can’t help but get excited and jerk myself to your blog and other porn.
I know that fags should regain from personal pleasure… but when I read your stories I just can’t help myself!
Any tips on how to avoid self pleasure while still keeping up with your blog?

Seriously, the trick I discovered began as a mental exercise that eventually led me to chastity. I began to meditate on what an ugly thing it was for a faggot to masturbate itself like Men do. I thought deeply about what a shameful act that is, how disrespectful it is to true Men and their cocks. I began to develop a revulsion for the act because of that self-training. I stopped masturbating for three years before finally deciding that I could no longer continue uncaged. 
I would try that, brother. It ended up being a really powerful emotional experience for me, one that continues to shape the course of my life as a faggot. Since my early rape and first cunting, this experience with chastity has been the most impactful exercise. 

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