I’m almost giving up now on trying to become a faggot for real alpha men. I live in a small town in a small country with a small population and it’s beginning to seem impossible for me to find real alphas to serve, to own me, train me, teach me and use me.
I’ve met many guys, all older and (in a way) they all are dominant men. I just feel I need more………… I need a real man, not just someone pretending to really know what he’s doing, but ACTUALLY knowing.
So my question is: What can I do to find my real alpha? It’s obvious that they aren’t anywhere near me or this place where I live. Or they’re just not rel alphas to begin with. Can I go online to get online training from alphas?
I need this in my life, and I know, given the right training by a real man, I can be the best faggot ever! I just can’t seem to find anyone man enough to help me reach my full potential and fulfill my purpose in life.

I encourage you to join the FWA Discord if you haven’t already. There you can post in your own country and also talk to Alphas from around the world. Not saying you will receive training there, but at least it’s an effective way to make contacts. CLICK HERE to join.
I don’t know why you seem to quick to dismiss these Men you’re meeting. All Men can teach you things and train you to some degree. Don’t judge them so harshly. I don’t know your country of origin, but I know faggots who have found Alphas in THE MIDDLE EAST, so you aren’t in an impossible situation. Don’t give up on that.

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