Is it possible for a 56yo below average looking HWP white faggot to find a Straight Alpha Master to allow me to be one of his obedient faggots. I would only be able to submit to my Alpha Master orally as my cunt has been sewn shut do to colorectal cancer. The urges I have to submit to a Straight Married Alpha god grow stronger everyday. Especially since finding your wonderful site! Thank you so much. It has helped me understand my feelings and desires and more importantly my duty to worship and serve a true Alpha Master the way He commands! I now know my place is to give all the glory to a Straight Married Alpha who bestow His power and control over my faggot existence. I am just not sure if I am shall we say “a marketable faggot” given my flaws. My brother sam is there still hope for me? 

Brother, I’m sorry for your health issues! As a cancer survivor myself, I sympathize with your situation. 
In your current situation, here’s what I suggest: set up a gloryhole and serve Men that way. You can avoid the body issues you might have right now while also feeling useful to Men. 

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