hello! I am 17 and just started my senior year of high-school, and have been absolutely enamored with the idea of becoming a faggot, (their are plenty of very southern dominant guys here haha) but I’m not exactly sure how to start! I’ve never really been bullied or picked on and project a generally abrasive attitude. Any tips on how to appeal to the straight guys and rednecks around here and become a better faggot?

Brother, I’m glad you’re coming to a realization of your truth! And yes, you’re definitely surrounded by a lot of Alphas, although they’re probably a tick dumber than most Alphas elsewhere.

Start calling them “Sir” when speaking with them. Offer to do things for them. Be complimentary in a mildly flirtatious way. Examples “Sir, those shoes look good on you … they make your feet look big” or “Sir, that shirt makes your shoulders look so big and wide” or something like that. 
Trust me, young Alphas pick up on that quicker than you might imagine. Good luck!

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