Hi Sam, it’s Henrique again, the ballet faggot. I followed your advice and stopped trying change the Alpha I serve, as you advised. Instead I just schedule gym when I know He can attend and humbly invite Him to come with me, to point me the right way to do it, as an Alpha. I am also taking care of His alimentation and preparing good and healthy meals for Him, as a good faggot.
I love taking care of Alphas and assist Them with daily tasks, would like to serve more of Them. But not sexually, don’t want to sheat the Alpha I already serve. I use to humbly compliment Alphas when I cross with Them, so they know I’m ready to serve. Today I did it and when I look back I saw the random Alpha wanted my service, but I runned away cause I got afraid He wanted me sexually. What to do? How to serve more Alphas in a non sexually way and not sheat the Alpha I already serve?

This is a follow-up to THIS QUESTION.

Well I think it’s simple – don’t serve them sexually. Other forms of service aren’t necessarily cheating as long as they don’t interfere with your service to your Alpha. If they want you to buy them supplements or food, stuff like that, massages, etc., those are fine. 
But I’m pretty sure they’re going to want to fuck you. Maybe stop being so flirty about how you approach them. You don’t need to compliment them when you see them, which makes them think you’re available for use. 

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