Hi Sam. Very new faggot here, only coming to realize my true purpose of serving alphas in the last couple of weeks. I have a straight man (has a gf) that I have ”hooked up” with about four times now. As a point of reference, I actually do not know his name, he has not shared it and I know even if he did, I would not use his first name. Between the third time and the last time, I got drunk and ended up messaging him on Grindr (where we met and how we’ve stayed in contact). When I messaged, I pretty much just poured out all of my feelings of wanting to submit to him fully and that I needed him to own me basically. He responded and was really excited but about 600 miles away at the time traveling for work. When he hit me up to use me this last time, I asked him to let loose as much as possible and just own me. I realize that I maybe should not be making requests of an alpha but I did not know how else to do it. This last time we were together, he did have me get down on my knees from the instant he walked in the door and I served him in that way. He made me crawl to the bedroom and get on the bed and get in position to be fucked. While he fucked me, he degraded me. I felt complete honestly, like I did what I was supposed to do, what I was meant to do. Here’s my question though, I am not sure he sees this as a full alpha/faggot relationship (if that’s even the right word) but I want it to be. I want to serve him and I do not care if I get off or not and I actually have not gotten off any of the times we’ve hooked up. I want this to be an alpha/fag hierarchical thing, not just a hook up. What do I do from here? 

Well, I can definitely appreciate what you did to expand this situation. You took a risk, and it’s important to note that your gambit worked!
I would just wait and see how he is the next time he uses you. It’s likely that the experience opened up his mind to the possibilities of how he can use you. You’re probably jumping ahead. Let it happen.
That’s not to say you can’t push it along a bit, but it should be focused on your own actions. For instance, when he meet him you need to get on your knees without prompting and kiss his feet. Be freely submissive, and that should trigger him instinctively.

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