Hi Sam,
It’s Michael. I just got back from my alpha’s house. After looking at your answer to my question I found a way to get a cock cage personalized for me. The next day my alpha and I designed and printed a cage for me that met my alphas needs. Today I put it on and I felt so happy and nervous at the same time. I then was used by my master which was amazing and I couldn’t cum in my cage. It worked out great. I am happy my alpha wanted this for me because I couldn’t be happier. I am planning on keeping the cage on for as long as my alpha says, but there is an issue. I also want to come out as a fag to my family and friends so I can be who I truly am and spend more time servicing my alpha. How should I tell my parents I am a fag? Should I tell them? Should I ask my alpha if he is ok with it? And should I tell them about my chastity? I hope you can help me through this time of transition.

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First of all, congratulations! That’s amazing that you were able to print your own cage! I’m also glad your Alpha loves being a part of this process of training you! He should be commended for this!
Personally, I don’t think you should come out to your family about this. There is a risk you could get thrown out of the house, and I’d hate for that to happen. Your friends can know about it, I think, but you’ll need to be patient with them and explain things to them.
Here’s what really needs to happen – you need to accept your truth FOR YOURSELF and let go of any concerns you have about anybody else knowing. Does it really matter if your parents know you’re a faggot? Not at all. They live their lives and you’re going to live yours. 
Your freedom comes from within.

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