As I have mentioned before, I do not believe my place is to be owned by a single Alpha, but to be a free range faggot available for use by any Alpha (or possibly any regular non-faggot male) to use.
There are a couple of online erotic stories about the Cocksucker App or the Fuck My Face App, where real men are able to find faggot cocksuckers quickly and easily, to the point in one story that, based on the location icons, a faggot sees that the clerk in a clothing store is in need of servicing, and proceeds to blow him while he continues to serve customers at the register.
Such an app would be a dream come true for a faggot like me. I’m sure there are enough Alphas and other real men around that I could be spending many hours a day with a cock in my mouth if the need to suss out and test Alphas were simplified and streamlined in this way.
Are you familiar with any app that even comes close to this?

There are no apps like that exactly, although Grindr comes close. I was trying to raise money to build an app like that called “Wrshipr” but nobody wanted to donate for the project. 

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