Hi sam   fag larry here     Thank you for your answer to my last question ( My Two Alphas-Good Cop Bad Cop) I had a realization that we all three play a role and I need to accept that.
Recently I was at the gym with Alpha Bob When Alpha John called me.   I informed Alpha John I was at the gym with Alpha Bob and Alpha John told me to call him when I was done.   I did call back and got no answer
Later that evening I got a text, with Alpha Bob copied, asking why I didn’t call back.  I sent proof and a screen shot from My phone.  Even with the proof I was told it didn’t happen and was reprimanded that I felt was wrong.  How should I handle situation Where I feel I am correct and my Alpha is wrong?

Sometimes it’s better to simply say “I understand” and move onto other things rather than insist you are correct. How important is it that you’re right about something so miniscule? 

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