Hey there. As many subs out there I’ve been going back and forth into the question of how deep into faggot land can I go.
Your forum has helped me clarify immensely that yes I do appear to be a faggot. I crave to be used by real men, but I also fear it a lot- fear what they will do to my body and soul, but mostly fear of what I will become to them and to myself.
To cope with the desire I create profiles and delete them; chat on the web-sphere and jerk off the need away as much as possible. But it never goes away fully, it always come back more intensely.
I am at loss of what to do next. To follow my needs or to give in to fear. I am also not really sure how to find a real alpha men to fuck that fear away from me- to not give a choice.
Would anyone have any advice on how a novice faggot should proceed? Would be really helpful. 

You need to face the fact that you are, in fact, a faggot. And the need to serve Men will never go away, and masturbation is only a drug that repeats a vicious cycle that keeps you in bondage to inaction. 
The only way out is through. You must stop playing online games and start actually serving. Face the reality of your situation and submit yourself to service. Commit to something. It’s the only way to solve this impotence in your life.

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