Hi sam 
I was wondering if a woman can own a faggot either gay or straight? Where and what is their role in the hierarchy?
Also I was wondering how a person can introduce their children into this lifestyle / hierarchy? (I do not currently have children so I am just wondering what people who do have children do? 
I am new to your podcast and website but I love it and feel like I am gaining a new appreciation for myself. Thank You 

Sir, yes there are some female Dommes (very few though, honestly) who own faggots. I don’t think they are typically successful situations, but that’s my perspective. 
I have covered Alpha fathers introducing use and ownership of faggots to their sons before. There is a recent and ongoing situation involving Master Dino and his three Alpha sons who he introduced to faggot ownership just over the last few months. You can read about that by following the link to his stories in the right sidebar, Sir.