I am a fag whore. At the same time, I enjoy ”masculine” activities like CrossFit, because on top of staying fit they let me stay in the presence of superior beings. I find myself conflicted between being a ”teammate”, where I act as ”one of the pack”, and wanting to signal to them that I am a public fag fuckhole they can use any time. This has to do with body posture, where I look, how I act, etc. I don’t want any horny man to miss out on an opportunity to use my holes, because they confuse me for one of them. I have painted nails and don’t make liking men a secret. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you.

You’ve really isolated a tremendous way to make connections with Alphas while simultaneously training your body to remain fit and not overly muscular. I’m sure you’re getting some attention from the Alphas on the team.
I suggest that you start referring to these Alphas as “Sir” and start offering forms of servitude to them. Try to get as low to the ground around them as possible (like if an Alpha is seated on a bench, you could kneel). I just don’t think you should be shy in this unique and rare opportunity. Saying “Sir, if I can be of service to you in any way, please let me know” can’t hurt anything. 

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