Pot? Poppers? Pnp? Is it correct for a faggot to let his alpha force him to get high?

Brother, I appreciate your concern. I’m not really a faggot who is into drugs, and really never was except during my early slut years (when I was raped). So as you might imagine, I’m not much of an advocate for drug use. I really hate poppers in particular because I’ve read enough medical studies that indicate that the use of poppers is bad neurologically.

Here’s my fundamental issue with forced intox: why is the Alpha so insistent on it? Is it to incapacitate the faggot in order to do harmful things to it? Is there some dangerous ulterior motive behind it?

True Alphas shouldn’t need forced intox. Their Alphahood should be the only intoxication needed to get faggots to obey.

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