I’m excited to be meeting a cute faggot  today in person with whom I’ve been chatting for a couple of weeks. This fag has serious sissy bimbo transformation fantasies along  with other amazing kink and fetish thoughts.  And of course she’s a submissive, obedient and eager little all purpose fag already.    I want  our date to go well in hopes of having something ongoing. There’s a lot of ground to cover but my goal is to encourage that transformation.  Any advice for s first meeting?  I usually  start out with basic fag obedience testing instruction etc and go from there. My cock has been twitching day and night at the thought of helping this faggot  blossom to any extent. Our chats have gone way beyond anything we can actually accomplish on an hour date on a lazy Monday afternoon. 

Ugh I’m just now getting this, Sir. I’m sorry if I’m too late! 
I’m not sure I have anything earth-shattering to tell you. It’s a first date, so I wouldn’t expect you need to take it too far. Exerting your dominance in little, subtle ways on your first date will help establish a tone between you, something you can build on later. 
Congratulations on finding a sissy faggot, Sir! I hope she can become exactly the kind of faggot you’d be proud to show off to the world! Keep me informed please, Sir!

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