As a faggot myself I’ve been used several times by Men, I’ve served Alphas, I’m always eager, obedient, submissive and Ive always loved the feeling of giving control of my body. I realized i am a faggot two or three years ago when in just a short period of time, like in a week or two, i served a married Alpha with who i fell in love with, and then a Man dressed me like a girl and raped me. I was traumatized ofc, but as an insecure, dependant and silly faggot, after a year or so i called my rapist and asked to use me again. Anyway i always wanted to be a long term slave for a Man, be His bitch, His wife, His cook, do His laundry, be His set of holes, and in return He trains me into becoming a better fag for Him. But i have to ask, what if one day my Master leaves me and I have lost all my friends, my family, my job. What does a fag do then? 

Well ask yourself – what does ANYBODY do when the one they love/serve in a relationship leaves them? It’s happened millions and millions of times over the course of human history. You pick up and move forward. Right? How many jobless housewives in the 1930s and 1940s were abandoned by their husbands and left alone with kids? I mean, they didn’t just curl up in a ball and die. They moved forward. A faggot is in a similar position. We take a chance in every relationship we ever enter in our lives in the hope that the other person will not abandon us or hurt us. The possibility that a relationship could end badly has (to my knowledge) never stopped anyone from still trying. Faggots must try in order to feel fulfilled.

A service relationship is no different than any other type of relationship. If others can try it, then we can as well. 

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