I keep hearing that you have a son. Not to sound like a complete asshole but do you think a fag can raise a son? Now I do believe gay men and woman can and should raise children but a fag is on a different level. Do you think a fag should raise kids? I should say I admire you for being in your sons life. It’s just a question I have concerning fags place in the world

I realize that most of my readers don’t understand the entire story behind this mysterious boy I occasionally mention here. That is because my baby boy doesn’t want me to discuss it so openly. I try to respect that as much as I can.

But briefly: I met this young gay boy online in 2016. I later discovered that he was in Syria and in dire straights. So I spent virtually every waking minute for the next two years and a lot of my own money desperately trying to rescue him and give him a new life. In the process of this incredible journey, through oceans of tears and terror and broken hopes, I found in him my soul mate. The love of my heart. 

I just recently managed to get him to a brand new country and a new life of freedom and safety. I literally saved his life. And so he is mine. Forever.

Now, I can’t speak for other faggots and their suitability as parents. But I will tell you this emphatically: I AM HIS FATHER, and I WILL NOT EVER LET HIM DOWN. I am going to be the father to him that my father never was to me. 

TRUST ME. I am not like other faggots.