Sam sam sam!  Ok I’m having a heated argument with a new local fag that I hope to hook up with about what a fag is. He says a fag is a bottom who needs to get fucked a lot and will do anything in order to get fucked including forms of service.  But that ultimately they only care about getting fucked and that’s the only reason they do other stuff for men. in my opinion that describes a greedy bottom who is only concerned about his own needs and who happens to be willing to do XyZ  so he can get fucked. Whereas I think that a faggot gets off on service and it’s needs including getting fucked are secondary.  The Fags job is to obey.  Serve. Service.  Amd not ask for or expect anything but  just be grateful for the chance to serve a man.  Some fags  aren’t even in to anal sex. Some fags literally get off and washing an alphas  car or doing his laundry. Personally I’m not looking for bottoms who pretend to submit so they can get dick in their cunts.   I want fags who submit because that’s just what they are. Anal sex is not least the motivation.
Im not here to service the fag to do anything for that matter. If a fag does everything right the reward is my cock in its mouth and a load of cum. I relax.  Fags serve. 
So which is it?  Am I out of line? My demands are simple for any fag.  Suck fingers sniff pits kneel remove boots and sock lick feet I sit back fag licks body kisses muscles all over lick suck kiss kiss ass cheeks each side.  Say please say thank you   Pose for me look cute say what I tell you say etc etc bring my water. Lick pits nuts ass and get my cock hard snd coax the cum out if you want your treat 
Am I out of line?  Or is he describing push bottoms!

Thank you for writing, Master. 
No, the bottom you’re wasting your time arguing with is 100% wrong, and you are 100% right. I’ve written an entire book on this subject (“Are You A Faggot?”), I’ve created this massive website on this subject that contains articles like this one about the word faggot, I’ve produced a short video explaining faggots (see below), and I have two big Twitter accounts that daily put out information about faggots. I’ve defined the term faggot so precisely at this point that it’s almost collapsed into a singularity. 
Bottoms who think they have rights and freedoms and expectations while also being a faggot need to take that argument back to crazy town. True faghood involves sacrifice, humility, dedication, focus, devotion, and, most of all, true submission to the glory of Men. This bossy bottom doesn’t have any of these qualities. 
Master, I’ve come to know you through these comments you make here. You deserve so much better than this sad sack of issues and headaches. Abandon this piece of confused trash so it can be alone to listen to itself talk while it watches its looks fade in the nearby mirror.