I am a French submissive. I have a secret question.I am a teacher in France. I had a student who was an alpha. Pervert and naturally dominant. Today he is of age.I wonder if it is my duty to show him the way of the alphas, dominating the fags like me. I find it risky for me because I don\’t know how to contact him. I had thought of an anonymous letter to put in his letterbox. But what to write and how to convince him?
What should I do ?

I wrote a book titled “May I Serve You, Sir?” to make this approach possible. It teaches Hierarchy and the use of faggots as a way of introducing this concept to straight Alphas. It’s available in French paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Puis-je-vous-servir-Monsieur-Translation-ebook/dp/B08T6FYR1W