Hey, so, i’ve been reading and listening for awhile, and i’m kind of conflicted. On one hand, a lot of more submissive guys tend to gravitate towards me, and i have been told that I seem very dominant, and that pleases me. But on the other hand, i have this urge to serve men that are bigger than me, in any way that I can. I feel like an alpha sometimes and faggot at other times to put it simply. Any advice?

I’m curious about the wording of your question. When you talk about your Alpha nature, it’s in reference to how other faggots view you, not how you feel personally. But when you talk about your faggot nature, it’s in reference to how you feel personally. 
This leads me to suspect that you’re actually submissive (maybe not necessarily a faggot) and being led down the wrong path by faggots who are projecting their ideas and expectations on you. 
Only you can tell me I’m wrong. That’s my take, though.

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