Soo i have a question and ill probably only have this one question so i used to be a very devoted faggot when i was younger servicing alphas buying them stuff, paying for their expenses, buying them a new car, small stuff my family is very fortunate to have money i would have a huge allowance but i didnt really use my money like that so i would spoil my alpha and i would get rewarded from them and i loved it but now that im growing up (btw im only 22 years heading to 23) the feeling is fading away and the fagness in me is going away aswell and im starting to value myself and i guess my real question in all of this is, is it ok to let go of the alpha/fag life style i used to live?

Of course it’s fine. You’re not bound by any contract to be a faggot, other than the contract written in your DNA. And there’s the rub – you’re not really going to escape what you are. It’s the truth of your life and existence. I get the feeling of “I’m outta here” and you think you’re done … but being a faggot is stronger than any addiction on Earth because you were BORN ADDICTED. Just warning you. Good luck!

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