Hello Sam.
My name is Aster, I am 30 years old, I am a successful and rich guy and from a well known family, I have always felt aroused and attracted to serve Alpha males, nothing at all makes me high and pleased and fulfilled as the fantasy of me being on the feet of a great powerful Alpha man who enslaves me forever.
But I feel at the same time in a great shame, a huge disgrace and regret of that, I always think it’s inhuman to be and think like that and I am afraid of destroying my life if i go on in this way, I feel all men are equals and all those Hierarchy things are just bullshit.
I have a big fight between my mind and my heart, I was about to kill myself months ago, I was thinking of counseling a therapy before I found your blog and I think I found the right place to seek and ask for help.

In battles between the mind and heart, the heart is always telling you the truth about yourself.
Your mind tries to reason you away from that truth to possibly a “safer” or “easier” choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the RIGHT course. Your heart is telling you that.
So listen to your heart and trust Nature. Nature knows the way to fulfillment better than the reasoning of the human mind.

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