Do you hate just republicans or all conservatives? I didn’t support gay marriage because I believed it was wrong to redefine the long established concept of marriage. I don’t support abortion because I believe it is morally wrong to murder developing fetuses. I don’t support unfettered immigration because most immigrants fail to assimilate and become a cohesive part of society. Does that mean I’m “subhuman” as you cruelly once said?

Who are conservatives these days? It’s NOT the Republican party, who can somehow create massive tax cuts for ultra-wealthy people and corporations and add over a TRILLION additional dollars onto the debt. It’s not the same group who felt like it can earmark 8 billion dollars for some Trump brain fart called “Space Force” but we can’t afford universal health care or protections for the environment HERE ON EARTH. 

The Republican party has swept any legitimate conservatives up into a SWAMP of lies and grifting and corruption of unparalleled scale. Full stop.

To address your concerns:

1. It’s lovely to think about marriage holding to traditional values of man+woman, isn’t it? It’s like a Hallmark card. The only problem with it is that IT’S NOT FAIR OR EQUAL. Gays being denied MARRIAGE also denies them certain legal rights and tax benefits given to married heterosexual couples. So many heartbreaking stories of gays being denied access to dying partners came to an end once gay marriage became law, and that’s just one example. If you actually believe that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, then they ALL deserve EQUAL RIGHTS. 

2. If I managed to get a girl pregnant (more likely – I get pregnant), I would not want an abortion. So personally – for ME – I’m against abortion. HOWEVER, I do not have the right to dictate the conscience of another independent human person. That’s especially true when it comes to women’s bodies. I am NOT a female and I don’t have sex with females, so why does my opinion count? 

And for all of the religious nutcases who are anti-abortion because GOD, I ask this: WHERE IS YOUR FAITH NOW? Do you not believe God is the ultimate judge?? 

It just kills me that the same party that had NO PROBLEM murdering almost ONE MILLION innocent civilian Iraqis … the same party that has turned a blind eye to slaughters in Syria, Yemen, South America … the same party that largely turned its back on low priority AMERICAN places like Puerto Rico or Flint, Michigan … that same party is so very concerned about a tiny embryo that is not technically alive yet. HYPOCRITES!

3. Nobody is “for” unfettered immigration. Put more judges and processing agents on the case and get these claims for asylum and requests for citizenship completed! But to say we should spend 30 BILLION DOLLARS on a WALL that doesn’t tackle the primary issue (visa overstays) is fucking ridiculous. 

It’s also not American. This country has seen waves of immigration over the centuries. They all assimilate eventually. There is nothing wrong with an immigrant holding onto cherished customs while also respecting the laws of this country. AND THAT’S WHAT THEY DO. The last huge wave of immigration happened in the nineties with the Bosnians. They have assimilated very well. 

Anybody who looks at another group of human beings and says “they don’t look like us or sound like us, so they shouldn’t live here” is a RACIST. And if you believe that way, then go tear down the fucking Statue of Liberty and put a giant enclosed dome over the whole thing to keep “THEM” out. 

I’ll tell you this – my Syrian son was HEARTBROKEN when I had to tell him in February of 2017 that the President of the United States was banning all Syrians from coming to America. HEARTBROKEN. He had spent his entire life believing that America was a place where he could finally be free and safe. He spent YEARS training himself in private so that he could speak English “like and American.” AND AMERICA SHUT ITS DOOR RIGHT IN HIS FACE. Fortunately, he finally found sanctuary in a country still clinging to values of mercy and kindness that America once represented. 

So pardon my French, but Republicans and any conservative enablers can FUCK OFF AND DIE.